Linked2 and SiberSafe – Great custom CMS Solutions!

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Dear Framers

Hope things are going good!

I was on a road trip last month and this gave me an opportunity to meet some of you in person. I also attended and presented at STC, Dallas. It was a great conference and I will share more later.

Many of you had queries on FrameMaker’s integration with various CMS. I was happy to learn that you have developed solutions/integrations with WebDav supported CMS leveraging the enhanced integration capabilities of FM9.

Since some of you also wanted to know more about the custom third party solutions in this space, I am pleased to tell you that we are organizing a series of webinars.

The first session will talk about integration with Linked2 (FMDocumentum integration) and the second will cover integration with Sibersafe.

Details of these sessions can be seen below.

Integrating Adobe FrameMaker 9 with Documentum to maximize content reuse with Linked2

When: Tuesday, June 22, 2010, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM US/Pacific.

Description: Learn how to take advantage of the seamless integration between Linked2, Documentum and Adobe FrameMaker 9/Technical Communication Suite 2 to optimize the reuse of content. Together with experts from Integrated Technologies Inc. and Millennium Consultants Inc., find out how to overcome barriers such as Content Reuse, Search & Retrieval, Creating Reusable Objects, Project Management etc.


Sense out of Confusion: Streamline your Authoring by transitioning from unstructured to DITA XML

When: Thursday, June 24, 2010, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM US/Pacific.

Description: Learn how to take advantage of FrameMaker’s seamless integration with the SiberSafe content management system to streamline and simplify the use of the DITA XML structure for your technical authoring team. Together with experts from SiberLogic, find out how to overcome barriers such as Legacy Conversion, Topic Authoring, Project Management, Publishing etc.


Please try to make the maximum use of these sessions and then please share your feedback with me.

Take care

– Mahesh