Youtube – Yup, We Track That! [Advanced Solutions]

As most people are looking at Facebook few are looking at Youtube. If we were to compare Facebook and Youtube, Facebook would be a sports car and Youtube would be a luxury SUV. Facebook is growing fast and everyone loves to look at sports cars. However, YouTube can easily be more valuable, and when truly inspected from bumper to bumper one realizes a luxury car will get you where you need to be comfortably and reliably.

Why do I say that? Well no one is talking about Youtube these days. Even after Old Spice releases an amazingly viral campaign that brings sales up 106%! That is huge and yet few people mention Youtube as the vehicle to that success. Not to mention the tracking they had to do to measure the success of their investment. What is the lifetime of the videos? How much traffic comes from Youtube? Which videos are liked/hated? And interestingly enough, what are my competitors doing?

The Data:

Jeremy Anderson wrote a blog post about what can be done on a high level. In this part I am going to dive into what you can get with the “Channel Measurement and Optimization” piece of Jeremy’s post.

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The small image above is a ranked report of videos and all the metrics we pull in for each video. This report will help you understand which videos are most popular, which videos are driving the most interactions (comments, ratings, ect) and much more.

Explanation of each metric:

Ratings – Total number of ratings for this video****

Comments – Total number of comments for this video****

Views – Total number of views for this video****

Favorited – Total number of times this video was favorited****

Rating – The rating of this video (out of 5)****

Ratings Difference – The number of new ratings for the report period****

Comments Difference – The number of new comments for the reporting period****

Views Difference – The number of new views for the reporting period****

Favorited Difference – The number of new favorites for the reporting period

First thing you will notice is the duplication in metrics. Once you understand the reporting benefits then you will see why I decided to build the solution this way.

The first report that you will want to look at is the trended views.

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This report is simple, the total views are uploaded every day so you can see how the totals are trending over time. Now let’s say you want to dive deeper into this report to learn more about the lifetime of your videos.


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You can look at the views difference metric. This metric will help you to understand the more volatile daily changes in views. For example in the above report you can see that on Saturdays the “How to make Bento” video spikes in popularity.

So you can see all the data for your videos but the solution does not end there. We also pull in the metrics for your channel.

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The above report is the trended subscribers to the channel. Imagine how you can use these reports to get indicators to how successful your youtube campaigns are!

I feel like an infomercial saying this, but there is even more that you get with the integration. You can track more than just your channel, you can track your competitors channels and videos.

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And that’s not all ( LOL )

Jeremy Anderson also mentioned an “Engagement” part of integrating with Youtube. In the engagement part, you can add an image beacon to the page of your channel to get traffic metrics for your channel. Then you will be able to report on traffic coming from Youtube and how they came to your channel page and pathing from your Youtube channel to your site and back! That is powerful data that will give you great insight into your social media ventures.

If you would like more information about this solution go to the Engineering Services Solution Portal where you can find documents for this and other solutions.

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