Create what they want to read!!

The 80-20 rule applies to everything we do in life, including content creation and its usage. Nearly always 80% of users look and need only 20% of all available content. With all time constraints we have, it would be nice if we can find mechanisms to identify the 20% of content that is actually read by masses, and which needs immediate improvements. Such exercise will allow us to spend time on improving the content that really matters to our users.

With this in mind, I will be sharing information about RH Server Analytics capabilities, which allows us to analyze content created by RoboHelp and hosted on RoboHelp Server.

Currently there are several Analytic reports available that provide great insights into users-behavior and needs. I am listing some of them that can help you prioritize your work and measure its completeness over time.

Identify the 80% of content usage – (Report -> Frequently Viewed Content)

This report identifies the top topics that are being viewed by your users. It provides the % usage of each topic and thereby you know what comprises 80% of your content usage. Use this report to identify high-priority areas for future updates and enhancements.

Report-Frequently Viewed Content

Identify 80% of search terms – (Report -> Frequently asked Questions)

Search is one of important way to find relevant content. You would want to know what are the top key terms being searched by your users. Use this report to analyze whether your content addresses most users’ searches. After you have analyzed the key terms users use to search your content, you may want to improve headings, add specific content, and use synonyms to define alternate terminology that users have for accessing current content.

Report- Frequently Asked Questions

Measure the search effectiveness of your content – (Report -> Question Trends)

This report enables you to measure the search effectiveness of your content. It gives you effectiveness in terms of % of search items getting unanswered. You can measure content effectiveness over different time-periods and iterations. A focused study with regular updates will help you become increasingly address real users needs.

Identify unaddressed needs – (Report -> Unanswered Questions)

This report identifies the top search queries that users are querying and for which current content offers no good solution. Use this report to address the unaddressed user queries.

If you continue to use above four reports and take corrective actions, you shall soon improve the most important content that users are referring to.


Prem Arora