Acrobat X is here! The newest version of Acrobat!

The newest version of Adobe Acrobat— Acrobat X— was announced today!

Acrobat X (pronounced as Acrobat 10) offers an easier-to-user panels-based interface which will help everyone get more out of the product.

Of course, there are lots of exciting new features for the legal community, too, which I’ve detailed in the table below.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing about many of these new features, so check back frequently!

My colleague Mark Middleton and I also conduct eSeminars on Acrobat X, so you’ll get a chance to see it for yourself soon.

> ## SharePoint Integration
- New SharePoint menu available when files are checked out from a SharePoint workspace - Check-in, prepare docuement properties and version files
> ## Office 10 Support
- Support of Microsoft Office 2010 applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Project and Visio
> ## OCR and Scanning
- Improved OCR accuracy (up to 40% better on poor quality documents) - Correct underlying OCR text layer - New Adaptive Compression separately optimizes Color/Gray and Black areas to reduce file size dramatically - Append to an existing PDF when using a Scanning Preset
> ## Search
- Save Search Results to PDF reports which include search excerpts and hyperlinks to original documents - Save Search Results to CSV for analysis in a spreadsheet or database
> ## Save to Word and Excel
- Automatically OCR files before exporting to Word or Excel - Completely new Save As Microsoft Word function offers outstanding fidelity and editability - Export PDF to editable Excel files while retaining column widths, text styling and cell color - Save files as .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx - Retain rich formatting and headers & footers and page numbers when exporting to Word - Retain column widths, color, styling when exporting to Excel - Select and export part of PDF page to Word or Excel in Acrobat or internet Explorer or Firefox
> ## Redaction
- Set Redaction annotaton color and stroke to customize preview of Redaction marks - Repeat redaction across pages to easily remove headers, footers and other consistently placed text or images - Right-click to apply exemption codes - Apply multiple exemption codes to a mark - Choose part of pattern you wish to redact such as first N characters, last N characters, etc.
> ## Actions
- Save time and standardize processes by automating routine, multistep tasks in a guided Action - Actions can wait for user-driven input such as adding comments or redacting text - Choose from several starting points such as a file open in Acrobat, a selection of files, a folder, a scanning process or prompt the user to combine several documents - Ability to share Actions between users - Double-click to install Actions - Use a simple Wizard-like interface to run Actions
> ## Web Capture
- New PDF Maker for Mozilla Firefox
> ## Metadata Removal
- New Sanitize option offers one-step military grade document cleanup - Remove metadata as part of an Action (Pro only)
> ## Document Comparison
- Compare documents with more than 250 pages - New Text-only compare feature - Speed improvements
> ## Document Splitting
- Optimized splitting algorithm more accurately splits by file size - Split documents as part of an Action (Pro only)
> ## PDF Portfolios
- Re-order files using Drag and Drop - Streamlined Portfolio creation process - Five new, rich interactive layout types - Easily import custom themes and layouts - Import backgrounds, tile background and set opacity - Preview thumbnails for all pages of PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TIFF, JPEG and other file types - Preview live web content - Stream video into Portfolio to reduce file size - Embed fonts for the Portfolio layout