Industry Trends, Challenges and Adobe RoboHelp 9

We launched Adobe RoboHelp 9 and RoboHelp Server 9 last week. RJ Jacquez in his excellent blog post “Introducing Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3: Six Industry Trends Captured” talked about the six industry trends in Technical Communications: Collaboration, Social Media, User-generated Content, Multi-device Publishing, Rich Media and Video, and XML Publishing. Taking this discussion forward, let us talk about some of the challenges of technical writers that can be overcome using the new capabilities in Adobe RoboHelp 9.

My role gives me the privilege to meet and interact with many of you – customers, industry thought leaders, partners, trainers, and voice of technical communicators in different forms. These meetings give us first-hand insight into how you see your business and organization success and the important role Adobe RoboHelp plays in helping you achieve those goals. When we talk to customers, we also get insights on the challenges that the technical communicators face. We at Adobe strive to provide solutions that help you overcome these challenges, keep up with the emerging trends and technologies, and deliverBusiness Value“.

Many of the challenges facing technical communicators can be now vanquished. These are complete workflow solutions offered by Adobe RoboHelp 9 that make your job easier and help your audience get to the content they are looking for.

  1. Review and collaborate with other authors, subject matter experts and your audience – “**SharePoint and **Cloud-based PDF Reviews
  2. Deliver highly personalized content to the right people at the right time – “Dynamic User-Centric Content
  3. Multi-author environments call for “Shared and Reusable Resources
  4. Access to Community-generated content with new search workflows – “External Content Search
  5. Use “push” to keep content updated, enable moderation enabled commenting workflow with “Adobe AIR Help 2.0
  6. Anywhere, anytime content: meeting the mobile and handheld challenge – “ePub Standard Output
  7. Do more with less! Many “little refinements” increase efficiency – “Authoring Enhancements
  8. Creating better content with user feedback analytics – “RoboHelp Server 9 Feedback Reports”…. and the list goes on.

Want to learn more about the new and exciting workflows/features in Adobe RoboHelp 9? Please download the RoboHelp 9 Reviewer’s Guide and RoboHelp Server 9 Reviewer’s Guide, and you can read the description and/or watch videos. I will also share more on each of these workflows via this blog.

Ankur Jain
Product Manager – RoboHelp
Follow me on Twitter – @ankurjain8