Why is FrameMaker your real XML editor?

Hello everyone,

In some select groups, there is a wrong perception that FrameMaker is not a full XML editor as one can not see the XML source or it does not all the XML capabilities. Our product evangelist, Tom Aldous, has created a series of videos to dispel these notions once and for all, and to make it clear that FrameMaker is a full XML editor and more. Please follow the links to watch these videos on FrameMaker 10’s XML capabilities:

FrameMaker 10 – View and Modify XML Source

Use FrameMaker to view and modify “pure” XML source in a variety of editors


FrameMaker 10, A Real XML Editor Plus

Use FrameMaker to generate “pure” xml content


FrameMaker 10 – Customizing Your Menu And The New XML Workspace Toolbar


Until the next blog post.


Kapil Verma

Product Manager – FrameMaker and FrameMaker Server