Create a Bookmark Report using this Free Acrobat X Action

Acrobat's Bookmark Panel

Acrobat Bookmarks are a very useful way to add navigation to a PDF document.

Acrobat’s Bookmarks Panel allows you to scroll through a list of bookmarks. Clicking on a bookmark will take you to the page associated with it.

Bookmarks can be created by an authoring application (like Word or PowerPoint) or may be created after the PDF is published.

Bookmarks are a convenient way to review documents, too. As you page through a document, just tap CTRL-B (CMD-B on the Mac) to create a bookmark.

Bookmark Reporting

Since attorneys frequently use bookmarks when reviewing documents, from time to time I’m asked:

Is there a way to create a Bookmark Report in Acrobat?

Acrobat does not offer this feature “out of the box”, but with a little JavaScript magic inside an Acrobat X Pro Action, no problem!

Acrobat X Create Bookmark Report Action

The Acrobat X Create Bookmark Report Action processes multiple PDF documents and outputs a
Summary Document containing:

When you run the Action, you’ll be asked to select the files you wish to process. Then, you can choose various option in the Actions window:

Create Bookmark Report Action Window

How do I get the Bookmark Report Action?

You can get the Document Numbering Action over on the Actions Exchange on,

Alternately, you can download it direct below.

The PDF document you download below includes:

  1. Installation and use instructions
  2. Action (embedded in the PDF)


Create_Bookmark_Report.pdf (673K)**Hint:**Right-click and Choose Save Target As . . . to save to your desktop