Easily perform DITA specializations in FrameMaker10!

Hello Framers,

Hope things are well. Today, I am going to be describing an exciting new feature in FramaMaker10 through which you can easily specialize the default DITA applications that are shipped with the product. Specialization allows you to define new kinds of information (either structure types or new domains), while reusing and building upon the existing design and code.

Here is how you do it. As always, remember to turn on your computer speakers when watching the video.

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Workflow Steps

STEP RESULT: The DITA Specialization dialog displays.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Usually, these are the DITA files you ordinarily use with FrameMaker, located in your FrameMaker® directory \Structure\xml\DITA\app\DITA-Topic-FM\ (for DITA 1.1) and \Structure\xml\DITA 1.2\app\ (for DITA 1.2)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The output is the location that files related to specialization, such as the rules, EDD, and template, are saved to.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For example: new_rules.txt, new_edd.fm, new_template.fm.

STEP RESULT: Files are created and you may be prompted to select an application that acts as the basis of your specialization.

STEP RESULT: The Structured Application Designer displays with the new information already filled out.

STEP RESULT: The structapps.fm file is updated with your new customization.

In summary, one can easily specialize their DITA applications and they need only the specialized DTD to perform the specialization and the rest of the files are shipped with the product as part of the DITA application pack.

Note: Addition made to the post (Jan 27, 2011)

Here is a more detailed how-to video on how to do DITA specialization in FrameMaker10

Hope you will find this feature helpful. Until the next blog post..


Kapil Verma

Product Manager – FrameMaker and FrameMaker Server