Single-Source Multi-Screen Publishing

Dear Technical Communicators

The Third major release of your suite offers many value additions for both new as well as existing customers. My colleagues and I will continue to share more information through various channels.

Today I’ll talk about the power of seamless single-sourcing and multi-screen publishing. With TCS3, you can publish to all the formats including ePub through the application of your choice whether it’s the suite version of FrameMaker or RoboHelp.

Organizations often need to publish technical content to multiple devices. The ability to maintain one document file and publish content to multiple devices allows for superior documentation consistency, tighter version control, reduced requirements for content review, and lower documentation production costs.

Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3 software offers numerous features that support single-source publishing:

In Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3, Adobe® FrameMaker® 10 allows you to publish directly to multiple formats in a turnkey fashion; it is no longer necessary to switch applications when publishing. You can configure and customize publishing settings in Adobe RoboHelp® 9 when you define a project. These settings can be adjusted at any time. In addition, you can apply local style overrides to the published result, which is not possible in many other turnkey single-source publishing solutions.

Take care