Work seamlessly between FrameMaker 10 and Documentum and Sharepoint CMS (post 1 of 2)

Hi all,

Hope you had a good weekend. Today, I am going to be talking about the **integration between FrameMaker10 and two of the leading CMS – EMC Documentum (registered) and Microsoft Sharepoint **(registered). FrameMaker10 has out-of-the box integration with these 2 CMS and you don’t have to purchase anything extra to use this integration. In this first post (in a series of two), I will demonstrate some of the key functionality available to users when working with these “connectors” between FrameMaker10 and the CMS. Although the videos may talk about only one of the CMS, but all the functionality is available in both the CMS “connectors”.

Upload a File or Folder

You can upload any new files or folders (no matter the format) directly from the Repository Manager in FrameMaker to the CMS. The connector understands the dependencies (e.g. child topics in a DITA map, chapters in a book etc.) and can upload these dependencies along with the main document to the CMS.

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Modify files – Check out, edit, check-in and versioning

Once the files are stored on the CMS, you can quickly open and work with these files in FrameMaker. You can check out a document for editing, make changes and check-in the modified document with a new version number, all without leaving the FrameMaker interface.

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Deleting a file or folder

You can quickly delete a file or folder that resides on the CMS. You have the option to delete previous versions of the file (this deletes the version history of the file but not the file itself) or deleting the file (deletes the file and all versions).

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Hope you will find these features useful. I will be making the second blog post soon on additional CMS “connector” features. So, stay tuned for that. Until the next blog post…


Kapil Verma

Product Manager – Adobe FrameMaker and FrameMaker Server