Search better with RoboHelp Server 9

RoboHelp Server is a powerful application which can host, track and manage RoboHelp output. RoboHelp Server leverages the power of widely used Lucene search engine to provide better search experience for end users.

Starting with RoboHelp Server 9, authors can continue to leverage strengths of Lucene Search Engine and also retain control over the search results. RoboHelp provides a number of constructs like Synonyms, Stop List and External Keyword Search; using which authors can controls search results for specific words.

In RoboHelp Server 8, Stop List and Synonym List created by authors in RoboHelp were ignored by Lucene. But RoboHelp Server 9 supports the Synonyms and Stop List created in projects. So for a projects hosted on RoboHelp Server 9, if user searches for any word which is included in project’s synonym list, then search results are also shown for its synonyms. Similarly, searching for words included in project stop list words, RoboHelp Server 9 will not show any results.

Besides supporting RoboHelp search constructs like Stop List, Synonyms, Topic Keywords, External Content Search; RoboHelp Server continues to provide better search experience by adding features like Dynamic Search Context.

For WebHelpPro content hosted on RoboHelp Server 9, when search results are displayed for a search query, along with topic names, dynamic search context is also shown. Dynamic search context is a small snippet of text from the topic which contains the word user searched for, with the searched word highlighted in bold.

This provides user the context in which the search word appears in the topic and based on this context, user can decide which topic he wants to view.

Tulika Goel

Adobe RoboHelp team