European Data Center Online

Starting today, Adobe’s London data center is available to new customers of the Online Marketing Suite. This not only lowers network latency**** for European companies, but also keeps the data stored on European soil, as desired by many clients concerned about European privacy regulation.

While this is great news for Adobe’s new customers, you’re probably wondering about the current set of European Omniture gurus? When can you migrate your data to the new data center? And why would a European company choose not to be in the European data center? These questions and answers may help.

Q. Can I setup some report suites in the European data center, but keep others in another data center?

A. The short answer: no. The long answer: not really. For a pile of reasons, our strong recommendation is to keep your company’s data within a single data center. Ask**** an implementation consultant or ClientCare for details.

Q. Is this related to or affected by Regional Data Collection?

A. No. Regional Data Collection connects your site’s visitors with the closest data collection center, regardless of the data processing center location. If that data processing center is in Europe, visitors in Japan will be sending image requests to our Tokyo data collection center, while visitors in Florida will send data to our Eastern US data center.

Q. When can I migrate from another data center to the EMEA data center?

A. Now that the new data center is running smoothly, our next objective is to provide a migration option for European companies. Keep an eye on this blog for announcements.