San Jose Student Gets a Glimpse of Life at Adobe

I had the pleasure of hosting an 11th grader from Yerba Buena High School for a day at Adobe as part of the YWCA’s Project Inspire Job Shadow on Tuesday. If you aren’t familiar with Project Inspire, take a look at YWCA site. Even though it’s a pilot program, the YWCA has had solid success in helping these San Jose students gain course credits and stay on track for graduation.

While this day was outside the regular Project Inspire offerings, it fit perfectly with their mission of helping students see the sort of opportunities they could have if they continue to achieve in school.

We took our student for a tour of our facility and she sat in on a few meetings about Adobe’s Wellness programs and our plans for the Best Places to Work application. I asked some of our employees, who are new college graduates, to join us for lunch so they could share their journey through school and into the workplace. She was interested to hear about the global nature of our workforce and how these employees, even though they are fresh out of school, have traveled significantly.

Reflecting on today’s events, the one thing that stands out to me most is that we need to challenge our students to think well beyond high school graduation day. It’s so important that our students set their personal bar high for their future, career and opportunities that are available to them.