Sample Scripts/Utilities shipped with FrameMaker 10

Hello Framers,

This blog post is to share a few utilities written by the engineers of the FrameMaker Team. These scripts & utilities had been developed by engineering for internal use but on a later stage it was decided to ship it for the end-user with FrameMaker 10. These are present in FrameMaker 10 installation folder (a folder named $FMHOME\Samples\ScriptsAndUtilities). These simple scripts/utilities (described briefly in the table below) could be used:

Hello World
Simplest script – Just to get started with ExtendScript! More here
Conditional Text
Create several PDF outputs from a single-source based on the conditional text. NEEDS CUSTOM EDITING. (Attached modified .jsx file with modifications – FM_Outputs_CondText)- Specific Conditional Text is shown/hidden - PDF is generated
Flatten Conrefs
This script flattens all the conrefs present in all the topic refs of the Active Ditamap/Topic (ditamap needs to be open in document view)
Hierarchical Books
Traverses through a hierarchical book structure.- An example to traverse the Folder and Group hierarchy. - Creates log of the traversal in a text file.
Read XML
An example to show how to read the elements’ content in an XML file. Exhibits node by node traversal.
Suppress Alerts
A useful script to suppress all alerts. This script uses notifications to suppress all FrameMaker alerts.
The client opens all components of the book-in-focus and washes them via MIF:- Save them as MIFs - Save the MIFs back to .FM

We had added usage instructions in the Scripts/Clients (but you know how internally used code is like …). We hope these would be helpful!

Download Zip File: ScriptsAndUtilities