XML authoring: Easily manage attributes and filter content in FrameMaker10

Hello Framers,

We are back in the XML world with this blog post. Today, I am going to be sharing information on how you can easily work with attributes and filter your XML content based on attribute values.

Specify attribute values

The new Attribute Editor lets you review and edit your attribute values without having to use the structure view. Further, you can modify multiple attribute values quickly all the same time in the same window, and the changes made are visible in the attribute values immediately in the structure view. Working with attributes is a now a breeze with FrameMaker10.

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Filter content by attribute – Use formatting

After you have specified attribute values, now you can filter your content based on these values and specify formatting including colors and conditional text to flag content that has been filtered out. You can write complex logical expressions to define what content needs to be filtered out. Watch the video for more details.

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Filter content by attribute – Show / Hide

In addition to using formatting, you can simply show/hide the content that has been filtered based on the logical expression.

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I will be making more blog posts on XML enhancements we have made in FrameMaker 10. Stay tuned for those.

Until the next blog post, a very happy Holi (it is an Indian festival) to you all!!


Kapil Verma

Sr. Product Manager – FrameMaker and FrameMaker Server