Multi-Author Environments call for Shared and Reusable Resources

Adobe RoboHelp 9 helps teams of multiple authors do more with less! A key component of team-collaboration is to share reusable resources/assets that can be “live linked”, so that the author knows when the original file has been changed, and can easily/automatically reflect that change in the content. This is a much enhanced benefit that goes beyond the separate workflow for linking Adobe FrameMaker and Microsoft Word documents.

Sharing reusable content in RoboHelp with multiple authors
Resource Manager in RoboHelp 9 helps you maintain resources such as images, multimedia, Cascading Style Sheets, snippets, and baggage files in a shared network or perhaps on your local computer. Multiple authors can use/link these resources across multiple RoboHelp projects and manage them from the Resource Manager pod in RoboHelp.

See Resource Manager in action – click the play button to view the demonstration:

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Resource Manager lets each author create as many Asset Folders as desired.

Drag and drop to create a link – Use an asset presented inside the Resource Manager pod by dragging from the pod to the project. That creates a link so that when the original graphic is changed, the RoboHelp author is notified and given the option to update to the new version. This can be used across different RoboHelp Projects among many authors. You can also drag files and folders between Resource Manager and Windows Explorer. Drag images, style sheets, etc. from Project Manager to Resource Manager. Drag master pages between the Project Set-up pod and Resource Manager. Drag snippets from Resource Manager to topics (RoboHelp updates the Snippets pod).

Asset links prevent duplication, reduce effort, and maintain consistency – When RoboHelp 9 establishes a link between any resource in the Resource Manager, it scans both the Project and Resource Manager locations periodically to see if anything has changed. If an asset is changed in some way, RoboHelp notifies you of the change. Then, you are able to easily update the project by clicking Sync.

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Ankur Jain
Product Manager – Technical Communication Suite | RoboHelp
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