Integrating Resource Manager in RoboHelp 9 with SharePoint

In continuation of Ankur’s blog post “Multi-Author Environments call for Shared and Reusable Resources”, I am going to further elaborate on the Resource Manager feature in RoboHelp 9 and it’s integration with SharePoint.

Resource Manager helps you maintain resources such as images, multimedia, style sheets (CSS), snippets, and baggage files in a shared location on your computer or network. Multiple authors can use these resources across RoboHelp projects and manage them from the Resource Manager pod in RoboHelp. If configured so, whenever you insert a copy of a shared resource in the project, RoboHelp establishes a link between the copy (in the project) and the original (in the shared location) and maintains that link onwards. Now whenever the original copy is updated, RoboHelp detects this and notifies the author about it, at that point author can sync his project’s copy on the click of a button. Authors also have the option to configure the Resource Manager such that no links are created when inserting copy of shared resource in the project. In this case, RoboHelp won’t establish and/or maintain any link between the two, and hence the two copies will stay independent.

To configure Resource Manager, do one of the following:

  1. Select Tools > Options. Click Resource Manager.
  2. Select View > Pods > Resource Manager. Click the Resource Manager Settings button.

Resource Manager Options

In the Options dialog box, specify how you want to use shared resources in projects. Select either of the two: As Copy (the latter case) or As Linked (the former case).

The shared resources can reside on your shared network, local machine, or even in your SharePoint repository.

SharePoint is a popular platform for Web Content Management. Other capabilities of it include Document Management and Digital Assets Library. RoboHelp Resource Manager is able to serve content kept in the SharePoint Document Library to the RoboHelp project as shared resources. Benefits of this are enormous:

Here is how you can integrate SharePoint with RoboHelp Resource Manager:

If your Document Library is not at top level site, include the path to that site where the Document Library has been created. For example, if the above Document Library is created in_ http://apadia-svr/wiki/mysubwiki_ site, you will need to give the \\apadia-svr\wiki\mysubwiki\Doc Lib in the Path field above.

SharePoint exposes it’s Document Libraries as network shared folder, Resource Manager connects to that using the network folder interface. Native Windows Authentication is used for this.


  1. If you don’t see any files on expanding the library folder, try exploring ‘\\apadia-svr\Doc Lib’ using Windows Explorer and make sure that you actually see the uploaded resources. Ask your SharePoint admin if you still don’t see anything.
  2. Any structural changes (adding/deleting/renaming files/folders) in the SharePoint Document Library will be reflected in Resource Manager on the next launch of RoboHelp.

A snapshot showing synced and out of sync resources:

Resorce Manager

Hope you find this useful.

Anil Padia
RoboHelp Engineering Team