FrameMaker 10 update released

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to let you know that we recently released a patch on FrameMaker10, in which we have fixed several bugs. See below for more details on the issues fixed. As part of this patch, we have fixed several issues that were reported to us by our users and partners. For obvious reasons, it is not possible to list out all the contributors in this short note, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all those who contributed by reporting these issues and helping us improve the stability of the product further. In particular, I would like to call out Scott Prentice (Leximation) and Franz Kauffman (Systec) for their valuable contributions. Please keep providing your valuable feedback in the future as well.

The patch 10.0.1 can be downloaded from here Also, the readme for the patch is here

Issues fixed in the update

1. ‘Print to PDF’ command now ask PDF destination even for 64 bit machines.

2. ‘Remove Overrides’ option is now available in Find/Change dialog box in unstructured Framemaker

as well.

3. Duplicate content was generated while saving in ePub format. Now content appears only once.

This is relevant for Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3 and Adobe FrameMaker Server 10


4. ’Save as RTF’ command dropped graphics if the file path had Japanese characters or if the

graphic files had dpi more than 300. Now graphics remain in the RTF file as expected.

5. ‘Save as RTF’ command used to introduce some junk characters in Japanese version of Frame-

Maker. This has been fixed now.

6. FrameMaker used to crash during ‘Save As RTF’ command if the header/footer of the Frame-

Maker file contains a variable whose variable data has certain type of Japanese characters. This

has been fixed now.

7. FrameMaker 10 used to crash on performing spell-check on files having unicode quotation

marks i.e. U+2018, U+2019, U+201C, U+201D in user dictionary. This has been now fixed.

8. FrameMaker’s performance when dictionary language is changed frequently with Auto Spell

Check set to on has been improved.

9. Earlier fonts that contain CJK character sets were not showing correct hyphenation for certain

words. This has been fixed now.

10. FrameMaker 10 used to crash on using Ctrl+F4 to close Book files. This has been fixed.

11. FrameMaker was unable to save book, containing files with SVG reference, to XML. This has

been fixed now.

12. Some ExtendScript API’s in FrameMaker had memory leaks. This has been fixed now.

13. ExtendScript’s “ObjectValid()” function returned false for each table when we get a list of tables

using GetText(). This has been fixed now.

14. ExtendScript sample “BookMIFWash” had some errors. This has been fixed now.

15. Extend Script: Structure objects that contains members of type string

Extend Script: Structure objects that contains members of type string (Attribute, TextItem etc.)

were not returning the value of these members correctly on querying if the value contains Unicode

content. This has been fixed now.

16. Whitespaces were not removed correctly in case of inline conrefs. This has been fixed now.

17. UNICODETEXT renamed to UNICODE TEXT in ClipboardFormatsPriorities in maker.ini to make it

consistent with previous FrameMaker versions.

18. Cross references between different topicrefs of a ditamap were not working in the final PDF if

that PDF is produced from the book generated from ditamap. Now cross references work fine.

19. While publishing ditamap to Book, converting child ditamap to child book has been made configurable.

Child ditamaps now can be published as one compound document or as Child Book.

Parameter “GenerateFlatBook” under the section “OutputGeneration” can be set to 1 in

ditafm.ini for compound doc generation from child ditamaps. Default value is 0. When working

via API, another save parameter has been added namely, FS_DitaGenerateFlatBook.:

FV_DoUserPreference, FV_DoYes, FV_DoNo.

20. For some of the misspelled words the spellings correction was not showing the correct word as

first choice. This has been fixed now.

21. Ditamap title is now honored correctly in pdf/compound doc.


Kapil Verma

Sr. Product Manager – FrameMaker and FrameMaker Server