FrameMaker Day CMS Sample connector released

Hello Framers,

Hope you are well. It gives me great pleasure to let you know that we have created an integration between FrameMaker10 and Day CMS, ( which was acquired by Adobe recently. In addition to creating this integration, we have also released the codebase for developers to take it as a sample and further enhance it to build integration with other CMS. We believe that this will make the process of building an integration to FrameMaker 10 even easier. Read on for more details on this sample CMS connector and how to re-use it


CRX, Day CMS, is a state-of-the-art composite content applications platform, natively managing content in the Java Content Repository (JCR 2.0) content model. Using FDK 10, we have integrated CRX with FrameMaker 10. The CRX – FDK plugin allows user to Create Session, Checkout and Edit files, Checkin files and maintain dependency. This plugin interacts with CRX repository using JCR code. This FDK plugin can also be used to interact with other CMS which are JCR compliant with small change in JCR sample code.

What functionality is currently available in the CRX integration that we have built?

Watch the video below for more details

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  1. Open Read-Only: Downloads the files in read-only mode and file is opened in FrameMaker. User can review the file and its content.
  2. Checkout and Edit: Checkout the file and its dependents and open the file in FrameMaker for editing.
  3. Checkin: Checkin the file and all dependents as minor version to repository.
  4. Cancel Checkout: Cancel checkout for file and its dependents.

Watch the video below to see checkout and checkin functionality

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Watch the video below for more details

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Watch the video below to see the upload and show dependents functionality

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CRX sample connector can be re-used

This sample integration of CRX with FrameMaker 10 can be extended and can be used with repository which are JCR compliant. The FDK client allows user to interact with the JCR code, hence will remain same for another CMS. However, the JCR code needs to be changed as CMSes can have different implementation.

How to download the sample and use it?

You can download the sample connector plug-in from here. Also, you can download the code for the sample connector from here . For additional resources, see below

Additional resources and related Links

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  3. CRX documentation:
  4. List of CMS which are JCR compliant

We hope that you will find this connector incl. the codebase useful in your work.


Ankur Prakash (Member of FrameMaker Engineering Team)

Kapil Verma (Sr. Product Manager, FrameMaker)