Fix for using Adobe RoboSource Control on 64-bit machines

Adobe RoboSource Control 3.1 is a source control application that ships with Adobe RoboHelp 9 and Technical Communication Suite 3.5. You can use RoboSource Control to manage your RoboHelp projects. It enables you to store all the files from a RoboHelp project in a server-based database, i.e. add the project to version control. These project files may then be copied to one or more other client PCs allowing members of an authoring team to view and work on the same RoboHelp project simultaneously. This is especially useful in multi-author environments.

On 64 bit machines, multi-author check-in in RoboSource Control 3.1 had certain limitations. Iā€™m pleased to let you know that these limitations have now been addressed, and you can now use RoboSource Control 3.1 on 64-bit machines also by applying the fix. The steps to apply this fix are available in the note ā€œRoboSource Control problems on 64-bit machinesā€œ.

Ankur Jain
Product Manager ā€“ Technical Communication Suite | RoboHelp
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