Hyland Software leverages Adobe RoboHelp 9 (AIR Help) to help customers increase ROI

Hyland Software is a leading developer of ECM software, which saves corporations of all sizes a lot of time and money by automating key business processes. OnBase is the company’s premiere product. When the Custom Solutions Group of Hyland’s Technical Services division was faced with the challenge of incorporating application program interface (API) content housed across many software groups company-wide, Hyland adopted Adobe RoboHelp 9 and Adobe AIR Help. The goal was to help ensure Hyland could satisfy customer requests for Software Development Kits (SDKs) with certain APIs.

Because Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe AIR Help are so easy to use, Hyland developers and documentation specialists quickly became proficient with the solutions. Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe AIR allowed the Custom Solutions Group to develop comprehensive, easy-to-navigate SDKs to enable customers to quickly improve how they use their OnBase solutions. For Hyland, another benefit is the advanced search functionality in content created with Adobe RoboHelp (and delivered as an application in Adobe AIR) has made it much easier for customers to find the information they need, dramatically reducing support calls.

Based on the specific APIs needed by a customer, the Hyland team is able to utilize metadata tags to generate subsets of the SDK that are tailored to each customer and delivered with software releases. With the Adobe solution, the team delivered SDKs six months faster greatly exceeding all previous expectations.

Due to the success Hyland saw in using Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe AIR for the SDK, solutions engineers on Hyland’s medical team used Adobe solutions to incorporate OnBase into the medical vertical. They developed an Interactive Healthcare Checklist that can be maintained and launched from a single platform. To learn more about Hyland Software and its use of Adobe RoboHelp and Adobe AIR Help, click here: http://adobe.ly/pHnzhf.