ExtendScript of the Week: Generate List of Referenced Graphics and Update Their New Paths

As part of the series ‘ExtendScript of the week’, we are providing an ExtendScript to generate a list of referenced graphics in a FrameMaker book. The list will also show the status that whether the referred graphic is resolved or not. After the list has been generated, you can modify the paths of the referenced graphics in the table and the table can be imported back to the book.This will help fixing any unresolved referenced graphic at the book level.

Download the zip file from ImportExport.

About the Script

Steps to use the Script

NOTE: Once you have downloaded and “installed” the script, open the file “BookReportTemplate” in FrameMaker and save it. You can also change the design of the template as you like (e.g. from portrait to landscape, default font, colors etc.) to get reports that fit to your needs.

Hope this simple automation will help to reduce your manual efforts and provide further insights into ExtendScript usage.

Saurabh Agrawal

FrameMaker Engineering Team

(_Resources: _ImportExportScript)