Free Acrobat Plug-in for Splitting Docs

ARTS PDF, an Acrobat plug-in developer, now offers a free Lite version of their ARTS PDF Aerialist plug-in for Acrobat X, 9 and 8 for Windows and Mac.

You can find out more about it here:

One specific piece of functionality the free Aerialist Lite provides is the ability to split documents by arbitrary page ranges. For example, you could split your 3000 page document into any range of pages such as 1-499, 500-700, 701-1000 and 1001 to 3000.

An added benefit is the ability to use this plug-in in as part of an Acrobat X Action.

The plug-in also offers some additional features which overlap the existing functionality in Acrobat.

Arts PDF is hoping to introduce you to their products. There are links and text within the free version promoting upgrades to the paid versions of Aerialist.

Can’t beat free, so you might want to give it a try.