Adobe & Altera Corporation – a RoboHelp Success Story

When faced with the challenge of fast-tracking production and delivery of product and service online Help resources, leading semiconductor provider Altera adopted Adobe RoboHelp 9. By leveraging RoboHelp, Altera dramatically improved collaboration by enabling its dispersed employees worldwide to work on projects at the same time. By using sophisticated PDF sharing capabilities, Altera project managers can combine information into many formats.

“RoboHelp 9 offers resource sharing and advanced collaboration functionality that helps us create, review, modify, and deploy content in a fraction of the time as before.”

Mark Whisler, Senior Technical Writer, Technical Publications, Altera Corporation

RoboHelp also works effortlessly with Perforce, a well-known centralized version control system. The integrated RoboHelp solution enables employees to work on files in desktop workspaces and submit altered files together in change lists that help ensure everyone is accessing the most current file version. As a result, Altera decreased version control issues from ten per month to just one. RoboHelp increased productivity and work output because time is no longer lost coordinating file versions and changes and solving workspace problems.

To download the complete case study, click here: Adobe & Altera Solutions Worldwide