Bloggernama – Jan 2012

The Bloggernama will be our monthly compilation of the blogs we read and liked. If you want to have your / any other blog listed here, email us at Writers, enjoy reading!

Here’s a compilation of blogs we read and liked in January 2012:

A Lifetime of Reading Versus a Lifetime of Writing – how many of us read more than we write?

Do Technical Writers Do Anything Important – interesting question and nice examples (wish this was a roundtable discussion topic)

Effectively presenting information, no matter what you’re writing – useful advice!

Getting a Little Respect for Technical Writing – how to improve perception of technical writers’ contributions.

Take a cue from the trades when starting your business – useful advice for technical writers planning to start out on their own.

The FrameMaker Myth-busting Series – scroll down for links to all blogs written till now

The guilty pleasure of writing policy and procedure documents – do not miss the funny video inset.

The “Home Depot Model” of Findability, or, Social Search

The Maker generation, hacking and why user documentation suddenly becomes important – interesting links read to further reading about the “Maker” generation.

To cap or not to cap, that is the question – interesting points on usage of Styles.

Web Analytics for Content Planning – Data can be really helpful!

Writing with bullets, a bit too much? – how to use and misuse bullets! (Not the .45 kind!)

– TechComm @ Adobe