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Have you created an Adobe ID and registered your Adobe product?


As Chief Customer Advocate for Digital Imaging, it’s my job to ensure our customers have answers to their technical support questions and remain well informed. As part of a series of posts, I’ll be giving my tips for you and your Adobe software.

ID’s are everywhere these days and I’m sure many already have log-ins for Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, iTunes, etc. which bring a level of security and personalization to an account.


Here’s a few reasons you should consider creating an Adobe ID and registering your Adobe product:

1. If You Lose Your Serial Number

If you purchase a boxed copy of Photoshop, Adobe won’t have a record of who owns the serial contained in the box until you register it. If you register your product serial number with your Adobe ID on, even if you lose the box, you can simply log-in any time to retrieve your serial number.

**Please note: **With Photoshop CS6, creating an Adobe ID and product registration are now built into the installation/activation process.

Note: One of the cool things about purchasing an electronic download version from is that your serial number is automatically registered to your account and a download link for your product is available to you from your Adobe ID account.

2. Protection Against Counterfeit Software

In a previous post, I discussed the danger of users mistakenly purchasing counterfeit software. When you register a serial number, Adobe validates the serial number to ensure it’s Adobe Genuine. Often times, users never register their product and find out 18 months later when upgrading their product that their previous version product won’t work to activate their upgrade.

I highly recommend you register your product right after purchase and installation of the product so you can determine if your product you purchased is genuine. If it is a counterfeit product you’ll be able take action to return the product immediately.

3. Access to User Communities and Support

Once you create your Adobe ID account on, you can use your Adobe ID to log into our community forums to ask questions and solve problems by interacting with other knowledgeable users and product team members. You can also report make feature request and report bugs. Having an Adobe ID also streamlines your support experience. You can create an online support case from your Adobe account at any time of day, not just during business/support hours, and interact with support via email.

If you do have to call in, having your product registration information squared away means you don’t have to provide your name, contact info, and 24-digit serial numbers prior to getting to the heart of your question or issue.

4. Streamlining Software Purchases

An Adobe ID can also make your purchase process more convenient, allowing you to view your order history and status, and auto-fill your order with your information.

5. Other Benefits

You can also use your Adobe ID to:

Additional Resources:

I hope you find these resources helpful. Let me know if there are any questions I can help answer or point you in the right direction.


– Jeff Tranberry, Chief Customer Advocate
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