How Novell Uses FrameMaker for Structured Global Documentation

Global infrastructure software provider uses Adobe FrameMaker to streamline the documentation process and deliver information to global audiences faster. (Detailed PDF available here)

In a recent conversation with Evelyn Sealander, senior documentation manager for Novell, Evelyn discussed how the global infrastructure software provider uses Adobe FrameMaker 10 to accelerate authoring and disseminating documentation to audiences worldwide. Sealander described how Adobe FrameMaker empowers new content authors to seamlessly add content with minimal training due to the smart design of the interface. Sealander says, “Adobe FrameMaker provides an authoring experience that is similar to working in word processing software, so it feels more intuitive for our authors and allows them to focus on creating the best content they can.”

The documentation team at Novell appreciates the advanced customization options, superior PDF file management capabilities, and straightforward operating environment in Adobe FrameMaker 10. Plus, the software’s template-based authoring and publishing environment facilitates Novell writers in integrating unstructured, structured, and XML content into their documentation.

Since Novell’s clientele is global, Adobe FrameMaker is an excellent choice for the company compared to other solutions because the software fast-tracked development of multilingual product documentation that needs to be available in as many as 20 languages. For Novell, Adobe FrameMaker has delivered operational and cost efficiencies that will pay huge dividends into the future. The Adobe solution empowers writers at Novell to focus on developing content without getting lost in complicated menus and functions because they are all right at their fingertips. To learn more about Novell and its use of Adobe FrameMaker 10, click here: