New Reader for iOS and Android Annotates and Fills Forms!

On April 10, 2012, Adobe released a major update to Adobe Reader for iOS and Android (Mobile version 10.2.0).

Of course, Adobe Reader is still free!

New features include:

I tested the new Adobe Reader on an iPad2 and Motorola Atrix Android phones.

You can get the new version of Adobe Reader from Apple’s App Store or the Android Market (now called Play Store on some phones). When you do, make sure you read the Quick Start document that is included.

Filling Out Forms

Have you ever received a PDF form on your iPad or phone that you needed to fill out?

It’s easy to fill in PDF forms on the run using the new Adobe Reader Mobile.

When you click inside a field, your standard keyboard will appear at the bottom of the screen allowing you to fill in the document.

When you’re finished, you can easily email the document or save it to any application that supports the “Open In” option.

Commenting on a PDF on your Phone or iPad

The new version Adobe Reader Mobile offers a variety of touch driven annotation types that are easy to use.

To get started, click the Comment button.

A toolbar opens up with a variety of commenting tools:

Just select one, then tap where you want to place the comment:

Here’s a screen capture of an annotated document:

Tip: To change the color of other properties of a comment, press and hold on the comment until the Properties options appear.

Signing a PDF on your Phone or iPad

Signing is easy. The Ink SignatureTool is also found in the Comment section:

Click on the document where you want to place your signature. When you do, the Signing Window opens.

Just drag your finger (or stylus) to create your signature!

Adjusting the Signature Appearance

You can change the color or thickness of the signature by pressing and holding down on the Signature until the Properties appear.

You can then move or delete the signature and change the pen thickness, color, or opacity (transparency).

Email, Share or Store your Document

To email or share your document, press the Share button:

The Open In option allows you to move the PDF on your device into another workflow or location.

Applications which support this function will appear in the menu.

For example, you could move the PDF to your Dropbox account or Evernote.

Final Thoughts

Adobe Reader Mobile has turned into a powerful application. It’s free and offers a lot of great functionality.

In fact, it offers more functionality in some ways than the desktop version of Adobe Reader. It certainly is a welcome addition to my day to day work on my iPad and Android phone.