Reasons to upgrade from FM 7.x to FM 10: Summary of 10-part blog series

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This is Part 6 in our 10-part series of blogs on why users should upgrade from FrameMaker 7.x to FrameMaker 10, which summarizes all blogs in the series. Please click on the titles below to go to any individual blog, in order, or per your areas of interest.

You will find a call to action at the bottom of this and all linked blogs to our special campaign enabling FrameMaker 7.x users to upgrade to FrameMaker 10 at a considerable discount. The upgrade campaign will come to an end on June 15, 2012.

A considerable amount of research was done to verify just how much FrameMaker has changed over the past 10 years, and how potent the current features and workflows are compared to FM 7.x. We think you will find each blog informative, and in most cases you will uncover some information that may be new to you. We welcome your comment and feedback.

Part 1 of blog series on reasons to upgrade from FrameMaker 7.x to FrameMaker 10

This blog introduced us to on several important product advancements that moved FrameMaker 10 well beyond the capabilities of FrameMaker 7.x:

Part 2: Workspaces and Friendlier User Interface

Part 3: Track changes and Import PDF comments

Part 4: Catalogs and Format Overrides

Part 5: Where were you in 2002?

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The following list highlights some milestones in software, social media, communications devices, in chronological order. The message is pretty clear: FrameMaker 7’s code was written before some software, social media and communication devices arrived which are shaping the way and speed with which we must communicate.

- FrameMaker 7.0 = 2002 - LinkedIn = 2003 - Adobe Acrobat V6 (Annotate PDF files via Acrobat Reader) = 2003 - FrameMaker 7.1 =2003 - Facebook = 2004

- FrameMaker 7.2 = 2005 - DITA v1.0 = 2005 - Twitter = 2006 - Alfresco (CMS) = 2006 - DITA V1.1 2007 - iPhone = 2007 - iPad = 2010 - DITA V1.2 = 2010 - FrameMaker 10 = 2011

Part 7: Reasons to upgrade from FM7.x to FM10: Book building

Part 8: Reasons to upgrade from FM7.x to FM10: XML and Structured Editing

Part 9: Reasons to upgrade from FM 7.x to FM 10: “Real” support for DITA

Part 10: Reasons to upgrade from FM 7.x to FM 10: The world has changed in 10 years, and so should your content

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