Digital Governance: Best Practices from the Trenches

For the past three Adobe Digital Marketing Summits, I’ve hosted a breakout session focused on digital governance (also referred to as web governance), which focuses on how companies can successfully manage their digital analytics and optimization programs to drive business value. As most organizations have come to realize, it takes more than just technology to be successful with web analytics and testing – it requires an investment in people and processes as well.

No company can simply turn on a new web analytics tool and expect to become data-driven overnight. Attitudes need to be shifted, processes need to be adjusted, positions need to be staffed, and executive support is essential. While the rewards are great so are the challenges; therefore, companies need a strategic roadmap or game plan for how they’re going to create an environment where analytics and optimization initiatives can flourish. The goal of this year’s session was to provide structure to that roadmap and start the process of targeting and prioritizing what needs to be addressed.

This breakout session featured a roundtable discussion where industry practitioners could share their unique perspectives as well as best practices that they’ve identified and implemented at their companies. For many of the participants it was a great opportunity to network with their peers and learn that other people are facing similar challenges (sort of like group therapy). Like I’ve done in past years, I’ve asked the volunteer moderators to share some of the key takeaways and themes that were discussed within each of their roundtable groups. I’ve consolidated their notes into the following key points:


Executive sponsorship

Reporting and analysis

Impact of turnover




Monetize impact

This was only a sample of the insights and takeaways that were shared during these roundtable discussions. If you’re still hungry for more insights on this topic, you can check out key takeaways gathered from the previous Summit roundtable discussions from 2010 and 2011. If you participated in the roundtable discussions and one of your key takeaways wasn’t captured in the above summary, please feel free to add a comment to this blog post. I’m sure all of us would love to hear what takeaways you had from the session. As I stated in my presentation during this session, no organization has digital governance all figured out. While some organizations may be further along in certain areas, all of us still have room to learn from each other. Hopefully, by sharing these types of insights, collectively we can become stronger and better in our craft, driving more value from our analytics and optimization programs. Lock and load!

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