Policy & Procedures Webinar Series with Raymond Urgo

Adobe welcomes all Policy & Procedure (P&P) professionals to our webinar series with thought-leader and author, Raymond Urgo of Urgo & Associates. Raymond will offer three webinars that will discuss common mistakes in P&P content communication and the correct usage of templates.

While the details of these webinars and the registration links are available here, a gist is provided below:

Raymond E. Urgo, principal of Los Angeles-based Urgo & Associates, is an internationally recognized expert, thought leader, educator, author, and speaker on the development, communication, and management of policies and procedures (P&P) programs and content in organizations. For his contributions in P&P to the technical communication profession, he holds the honorary rank, Fellow, in the Society for Technical Communication. He is the publisher of the award-winning e-newsletter,The Policies & Procedures Authority.

– Team TechComm @ Adobe

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