Videos: 5 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade from FrameMaker 7.x to FrameMaker 10

If you have already read our 10-part blog series on why people should upgrade from FrameMaker 7.x to FrameMaker 10, you will find some of this blog content familiar. For your convenience, we have collapsed 5 key features into 4 videos. (One video is 2-part.)

Use this blog as a “landing” page to conveniently view over 35 minutes of video content that displays both FrameMaker 7 and FrameMaker 10 workflows on equivalent features.

1: User Interface improvements and Custom Workspaces

One of the biggest time and money savers with FrameMaker 10 is reduced training which can result from customized workspaces. You may take a standard workspace (desktop) and swiftly modify it to suit the needs of the person and the task at hand. Your ability to present only essential menus in logical locations makes it possible for novices to swiftly come up to speed on specific project tasks.

Watch the video below for further detail.

2: Pods for Index Markers and other “hidden” metadata

Essential information like imported graphics, index markers, cross references, etc., used to be essentially “hidden from view” in the old FrameMaker 7.x user interface. Some menus (like ones for inserting variable or cross-references) actually “froze” the screen and prevented the user from scrolling through content to make decisions.

All of this has changed for the better with FrameMaker 10, which enables you to view essential information, like the contents of markers in all open documents, while scrolling through and editing pages.

Watch the video below for further detail.

3 and 4: Table Catalogs and Find/Remove Format Overrides

If I were to choose just one reason for upgrading to FrameMaker 10, it would probably be the “search/replace” method of locating format overrides. New choices in the Find menu enable you to search for (a) Paragraph overrides, (b) Character overrides and (c) Table overrides. This command will locate any paragraph, character string or table that does not match the catalog definitions. A simple click of the Remove Override button instantly restores the format override to normal.

This one feature would have saved me and many people I know in production countless hours over the years. This video has been combined with a video on using Table Catalogs and new features for managing catalog content.

Watch the video below for a graphic illustration of this powerful feature.

5: PDF review and ability to import PDF annotations “in place” in source documents

FrameMaker 10 expanded the track changes features to work across books, not merely on a document by document basis. Track changes can be used to locate the next instance of imported comments and annotations from PDF files reviewed with free Acrobat Reader.

PDF review with FrameMaker can be done simultaneously by several reviewers on one PDF file in “the cloud” ( or a Sharepoint Server, if FrameMaker is combined with Tech Comm Suite 3.5.

Watch this engaging video to see how awkward the copy/paste method of bringing comments in from PDF was with FrameMaker 7, and the dramatic contrast with FrameMaker 10’s ability to import PDF comments and annotations “in place.”

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