Top 5 Conversion Opportunities for Digital Marketers in 2012 (infographic)

Almost any digital marketer will tell you, increasing customer engagement and conversions are their top priorities. Yet many of these professionals have still not tapped all of the opporvtunities available to make this happen on their sites, leaving a disconnect between what they say and what they actually do.

Wondering what areas offer some of the greatest opportunities for digital marketers to see the ROI of their efforts? What do they say their priorities are vs. what do they actually spend their marketing budget on?

Hot off the presses are the results of the Adobe 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey and a corresponding infographic (see below) that uncover the top five areas that digital marketers should focus on to immediately improve conversion and return on their marketing investments.


Survey responses from more than 1,700 digital marketers worldwide, spanning business-to-consumer and business-to-business commerce companies across retail, finance, media, and technology and consumer goods industries, reveal that:

Conversion Optimization needs to be given higher priority.

Testing consumer engagement throughout the funnel is critical to optimization.

The search box is often the most-used area of a website.

Marketers are not taking advantage of simple cross-sell or up-sell opportunities.

In the burgeoning areas of video, mobile and social, marketers seem to be on the right path:

In evaluating this year’s responses, the following Top 5 conversion opportunities emerged:

For more on the Adobe 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey, download the full report:

And do tell – what areas of conversion optimization are you focusing on this year?

Infographic designed by: NowSourcing.