Part 1: 13 Common Mistakes about Communicating Polices and Procedures Info – How to Avoid Them

Raymond Urgo, commonly known as “Mr. P&P” due to his deep-dive expertise in the world of Policies and Procedures was our guest in part one of our webinar series on this topic. Raymond revealed 6 common pitfalls with Policies and Procedures that are all too often overlooked.

A link to his presentation slides is displayed below:

**13 Common Mistakes about Communicating Policies & Procedures Information **

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Six Common Mistakes in communicating Policies and Procedures

  1. Limited coverage of subject areas
  2. Having information that’s not useful
  3. Expecting one approach to fit all cases
  4. Expecting “packaged” procedures to always be useful
  5. Not combining training and P&P
  6. Having multi-source documents

Hear Raymond in the recorded webinar

Raymond Urgo provided a wealth of detailed information not listed in the slides. To get a full picture of the challenges described, view the recorded webinar. Note: you will need to use your account credentials to log-in and view the webinar; the link in the previous sentence will take you to what appears to be a generic log-in page. Once you have logged in, the recording will display on your screen.

Join Raymond Urgo and Adobe for Part 2 on Policies and Procedures

Raymond will be our guest this coming week in a second session in which he covers the remaining 7 mistakes to avoid. You may register for his webinar, “13 Common Mistakes about Communicating Policies & Procedures Content…and How to Avoid Them [Part 2 of 2].” The second session is scheduled for June 14th, 2012 at 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Pacific/USA time.

A separate blog for that webinar with links to slides and recording will be posted after the event.

Tools for Policies and Procedures

There are a number of ways to approach authoring Policies and Procedures. This series of webinars are “demo-free” with a focus on a Thought-Leader approach to analyzing and solving common problems. Obviously, we favor RoboHelp, FrameMaker and Tech Comm Suite, which have proven to be successful in this arena. Whatever tools you use, you will definitely benefit from the expertise that Raymond has to offer in this area.