Making Sense of Accessibility, Part 1

This blog captures highlights of Char James-Tanney’s insightful Adobe webinar from June 19, 2012. Char revealed among other things that:

Making Sense of Accessibility

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The largest minority group is waiting for your content

According to Charl, the disable constitute the largest minority group. In addition, this is the only minority that anyone of us are capable of becoming a member of.

Due to innovative technologies, many of the disabled have made great strides in accessing information that you may have thought impossible. There are blind astronomers, for instance. A sizable segment of the gaming community includes the disabled, even paraplegics who use “puff and suck” straw devices for navigation. If you engage in online game, chances are that you have played with a disabled partner and not known it.

HTML Heading order is critical

Many people who create web content are used to skipping numeric ordering of headings for cosmetic reasons (e.g. H1, H2, H4, H3, etc.) When content is being optimized for accessibility, logical heading order is very important for TOCs and other tools used by people with a different skill set than what you consider “normal.”

Review the recorded webinar

You will find Charl’s complete narration of the slides highly revealing. You may click on “Making sense of accessibility, part 1” to go to the complete recording. You will need an account for log-in credentials to view this or any of our webinar recordings. You will find this one particularly revealing.