Extend the Frontiers of TechComm: Adobe Launch 2012

Adobe is proud to announce the launch of the new versions of its products Technical Communication Suite 4, FrameMaker 11, RoboHelp 10 and the FrameMaker Publishing Server 11.


This day and the launch is considerably monumental for us – as the culmination of a long period of hard work, as the result of millions of dialogues with users, and much more. Our award-winning software and technologies have set the standard for communication and collaboration for more than 25 years. And now that the future of TechComm is here, our industry-leading technical communication tools are here in their latest avatars as your partners-in-success!

Over the next few days, weeks and months we will share a lot of information regarding the new versions, specific features, utilities and user reviews. So keep looking out for our blog, Facebook page, Twitter stream, Adobe TV channel, YouTube channel, LinkedIn page.

Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4

Extend the frontiers of technical content creation and consumption

https://blog.adobe.com/media_9cc925790730c04029fdb14bb2fe10777345eeb4.gifThis new version of the Suite packs in a punch with the latest versions of FrameMaker and RoboHelp along with Captivate 6, Illustrator CS6, Acrobat X Pro, and Presenter 8. The innumerable integration and productivity features will enthral technical communicators.

Book your seat: Ankur Jain, Adobe Product Manager, launches the Technical Communication Suite 4

Initial review: “Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4 provides just what technical communication pros need in a global, mobile, always-on world. What do I like the most? In addition to its traditional strengths — single-source, multi-channel XML and DITA publishing – TCS 4 cranks it up a notch by providing support for multiscreen HTML5 output. Now you can preview mobile-optimized technical documentation content destined for smartphones, eReaders, tablet computers and other mobile devices from within familiar authoring interfaces. Kudos, Adobe!” – Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, Inc.

Feature to look out for: The enhanced FrameMaker-RoboHelp integration and Rapid step-by-step authoring

Watch: The** Launch video** and YouTube: What’s new in TCS4?

Read: TCS 4 Getting Started Guide and TCS 4 datasheet

Adobe FrameMaker 11 and the FrameMaker Publishing Server 11

Author, enrich, manage, and publish XML/DITA and unstructured content

https://blog.adobe.com/media_d05daf93448001095110edc67d2c953cec644637.gifIn its latest version, FrameMaker brings in a multitude of features for XML / DITA authoring and productivity features for the individual contributor as well enterprise teams. Users will also be enthralled by its ability to integrate with virtually any CMS and 3D graphics and videos features. When used along with the FrameMaker Publishing Server, FrameMaker 11 users can publish their help content to virtually any device.

Book your seat: Kapil Verma, Adobe Product Manager, launches FrameMaker 11

Feature to look out for: The XML Code View and Smart paste

Watch: The** Launch video** and YouTube: What’s new in FM11?

Read: FM11 Getting Started Guide and FM11 datasheet

Adobe RoboHelp 10

Create and publish help and policy content for mobile, web, desktop, and print

https://blog.adobe.com/media_ab18fd77332f590fddc37c9d822723e30445a139.gifRoboHelp 10 revolutionizes the world of technical content publishing with the ubiquitous multiscreen HTML5 format. Now users can publish their help content to almost any device. Significant additions have also been made in authoring, optimizing, and socially enabling content.

Book your seat: Ankur Jain, Adobe Product Manager, launches RoboHelp 10

Initial review: “The greatest new feature of Adobe RoboHelp 10 is the new multiscreen layout. Not only can I finally create Help for mobile devices, there are now no more frames and an incredibly powerful layout editor.” – Willam van Weelden, Technical Writer, Centric IT Solutions

Feature to look out for: The Multiscreen HTML5 output and Smart Publish to Microsoft SharePoint

Watch: Launch video and YouTube: What’s new in RH10?

Read: RH10 Getting Started Guide and RH10 datasheet

More to follow soon! Now we stop to pop the bubbly and celebrate this release, while at the same time, waiting impatiently to hear your reviews.

So do tell us what you think via **email **/ **Facebook **/ **LinkedIn **/ **Twitter **(of use any of #AdobeTCS, #FrameMaker, #RoboHelp).


Team TechComm