AdobeTV episode Guide for FrameMaker 11: Enterprise Productivity Features

Our recent product launch (July 24th) of FrameMaker 11 (in tandem with RoboHelp 10 and Tech Comm Suite 4) included a host of reviewer’s guides, blogs, resources, and even “featurette” videos. This blog covers initial videos created to illustrate new functionality in FrameMaker 11.

New in FrameMaker 11: Enterprise Productivity Features

This AdobeTV show has several episodes, which cover significant features that boost productivity. Some features are related to XML editing; others are related to any type (e.g. unstructured) FrameMaker 11 documents. The following list gives brief summaries to help select episodes relevant to your needs.

Episode: FrameMaker 11 and XSLT Transforms from easy menus

FrameMaker has been capable of using XSL to transform content on open and save in DITA or XML for quite some time. Now, the XML View workspace has a menu for selecting and running XSL for “on the spot” transforms. Users no longer need to update structapps files and reload that file or restart FrameMaker. This user interface is much more accessible to non-technical users.

Episode: FrameMaker 11 has easy XPath solution

In XML View, XPath enables sophisticated queries, which will locate almost any combination of nested elements. Queries may be saved, reused, and applied to the contents of a folder. The resulting list has instances which may be clicked on to locate particular XML elements.

Episode: FrameMaker 11 XML Quick Access Bar

Menus and toolbars are customized for each of the multiview authoring modes. This brief videos shows how toolbars and menus change from Authoring mode to XML view mode.

Episode: FrameMaker 11 focused workspaces

Workspace customized is demonstrated in this episode. You will see how to remove and reorder menus to make workspaces even more focused to the user and task at hand.

Episode: FrameMaker 11 Find/Change increased productivity

FrameMaker 11 has major improvements to behavior and focal point for Find/Change. The menu remembers the last 5 things you searched for, and no longer changes your insertion point, speeding up repetitious editing tasks.

Episode: FrameMaker 11 insert styles and more via keyboard shortcuts

FrameMaker 11 has expanded its use of keyboard shortcuts for common edits, formatting and more. This brief demo shows how “in place” catalogs allow you to change styles without leaving your current insertion point.

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