Consolidated List of FrameMaker 11 Reviews

Hello All,

I wanted to share a consolidated list of FrameMaker 11 reviews so far. I will be adding to this list as more reviews become available. Hopefully, this serves as a useful central resource for those of you looking for expert, neutral opinions on FrameMaker 11.

  1. “FrameMaker Comes of Age as an XML Editor with Version 11” Read latest review from JoAnn Hackos (President of Comtech Services) here
  2. detailed review of FrameMaker 11 XML features, by Scott Prentice of Leximation is here
  3. Another thorough review by Matt Sullivan has been posted here and here
  4. Jacquie Samuels of Publishing Smarter shares her opinion on FrameMaker 11 here
  5. Danielle M. Villegas of the Techcommgeekmom has shared her opinions here
  6. Arnis Gubins of Front Runner Training has written a “self-interview” product review from an “unstructured” FrameMaker perspective here
  7. “FrameMaker 11 – Beyond Expectations”, a highly detailed and illustrated review by FrameGurus is here
  8. Here is the most recent entry from Jang F.M. Graat (JANG Communications). You can read Jang’s excellent review here. Of course, it was written in FrameMaker!
  9. Here is the most recent review from Tassos Anastasiou on the XML authoring and publishing features in FrameMaker 11. You can read the review here
  10. Lynne Price writes “Adobe Listens” – a detailed review of FrameMaker 11 from her.
  11. Read an interesting post “FrameMaker – Redux” from Val Swisher about her views on FrameMaker 11 and Adobe. Thanks for the kind words, Val and look forward to continue working with you!
  12. Bernard Aschwanden‘s review of Unstructured FrameMaker 11 features is the latest one and can be found here. His review on structured features is going to be coming up in the future.
  13. Here is the latest review of FrameMaker 11 including a outline of how the product has evolved, from Absolute Data group
  14. Review from Alan Houser can be found here. We will be surely taking a look at the feedback in his review to make further improvements to the product.
  15. More to come… 🙂

Have a great weekend!


Kapil Verma

Sr. Product Manager – FrameMaker line of products