AdobeTV episode Gudie for: “New in FrameMaker 11: XML Authoring Features”

This brief blog summarizes some of the product launch videos we created to showcase enhancements to FrameMaker 11’s ability to make editing and authoring DITA or XML even easier. Two new views (Authoring and XML code) enable “content only” authoring (sans full formatting) and editing of XML code directly with “intelliprompt” to suggest the correct element. Although FrameMaker 11 is a full-fledged DITA solution “out-of-the-box”, it is still possible to create well structured documents without XML or DITA.

Episode: FrameMaker 11: FrameMaker 11: XML View Walkthrough

FrameMaker 11 introduces a powerful new way to author an edit XML directly with XML View. Let Intelliprompt suggest legal elements, and have elements “closed” for you. Realtime validation will display errors in a console. Use the “tree” to navigate through your XML code. This feature is one of many reasons that have led industry thought leaders to pronounce FrameMaker 11 a “real” DITA authoring solution.

Episode: FrameMaker 11: You asked for it, keyboard shortcuts

FrameMaker 11 has improved productivity in many areas, but a favorite with veteran users is the restoration of reliable keyboard shortcuts for paragraph and character formatting, conditional text control, as well as insertion, wrapping and changing XML elements. Watch how simple keyboard shortcuts can allow you to swiftly shape your document without leaving the text you are authoring.

Episode: FrameMaker 11 smart paste unstruct content into XML

FrameMaker 11 has ability to copy HTML, Excel spreadsheets, even bulleted lists and tables from Word docs and have the “paste” convert to valid XML or DITA at the right insertion point. Embedded graphics in Word documents are converted into externally referenced graphics in FrameMaker 11. Find out how!

Episode: FrameMaker 11 DITAMap conversions to 3 kinds of books

FrameMaker 11 has expanded it’s capabilities with DITAmap. If you wish to swiftly generate TOCs, LOFs, and Indices, you no longer have to manually insert these generated documents. It is now possible to do a simple “save as Book with generated components” which enables a swift way to generate DITAmap PDF in complete form with hyperlinked TOCs, LOFs and Indices, all without additional steps.

Episode: Keyboard Shortcuts for Authoring return to FrameMaker 11

We listened to our customers, and back by popular demand are reliable keyboard shortcuts for changing format styles, inserting XML elements, wrapping text in conditions, etc. Watch how easy it is to use FrameMaker 11 w/o hardly touching a mouse!

Episode: Line numbers in FrameMaker

FrameMaker 11’s new ability to temporarily display and print line numbers in structured or richly formatted text. This feature is a boon to internal approval cycles and content with legal ramifications. Note: this feature is available in unstructured (e.g. no XML) FrameMaker 11 documents as well. You have the ability to control format and display of line numbers. Their display is optional, but they will print, to aid in proof/review.

Episode: FrameMaker 11 creating New XML Files sans StructApps

FrameMaker 10 has the ability to create new XML files several different ways. Users no longer have to create proprietary binary files. New XML files can display optional “banner” text to help guide the type of content that should be input.

Episode: Managing XSLT in FrameMaker 11

XSLT can be managed a variety of ways within the XML code view. Watch this video to get an idea of the many ways that you might use this feature.

Episode: Rapid Authoring with XML in FrameMaker 11

This video shows how a combination of new tools and features enable you to author DITA or XML content much more quickly in FrameMaker 11 than in previous releases.

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