AdobeTV episode Guide for: “FrameMaker 11: Rich Multimedia Capabilities”

This brief blog summarizes some of the product launch videos we created to showcase enhancements to FrameMaker 11’s ability to work even more powerfully with rich media. Users are demanding engaging and interactive tech comm content, rather than just paper with static screen captures. Even when outputting to PDF, you can create a highly informative and engaging experience for your tech doc consumers.

Episode: FrameMaker 11: Globally update anchored frames via Object Properties

This video illustrates how the new Object Properties and Object catalog can be used to make named anchored frames globally change their position and behavior. This can be highly useful in traditional catalog work, or when you are single-source publishing to different paper or PDF sizes. You will observe anchored frames in the default “below insertion point” position transformed globally into “run into paragraph” position. Note: object properties can be applied to any vector objects and a variety of other graphic objects as well. For instance, “named” arrows with Object Property Styles could be made to globally all change to a 45° angle.

Episode: FrameMaker 11 linking hotspots from graphics to text

See how vector graphics (e.g. a highlighting oval) can be turned into a “hot spot” that is hyperlinked to a new type of marker. This enables relevant text to be tied to particular machines parts, or relevant portions of an illustration. Once more, this helps to make content more engaging and dynamic for readers who want new ways to locate related information.

Episode: FrameMaker 11 Generate hyperlinked parts table from 3D Illo

See how just a few mouse clicks can automatically generate a table populated with hyperlinked “parts” from a 3D diagram. It would also be possible to generate such a table with a list of views or selected animations. This is one more way you can swiftly create concise, easy to use navigation controls in documentation for your customers.

Episode: FrameMaker 11 Object Properties globally update objects

This episode uses a different example of how to globally change objects with new object properties. Vector diagram objects have Object styles applied to them from the Object catalog, which makes individual overrides or global updates possible. The possibilities for controlling multiple graphics with one command are almost endless.

Episode: FrameMaker 11 and video formats and controls

Expanded graphic format support and new tools for adding posters to videos are covered. This video also shows how to add “link to graphic” connections between video views or behavior and plain text instruction. Yet another way to give users simple controls over complex, rich media graphics.

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