Adobe is More Than Photoshop

Ever since I joined Adobe, virtually every conversation with a new customer begins in the same place: Photoshop. People love it, and it usually takes me a few minutes to move them from their perception of Adobe to the Digital Marketing opportunity that my team is driving. The fact is that not only is Adobe the leader in digital media with Photoshop and our creative franchise, but we’re also the leader in digital marketing…yet many people don’t know it. We plan to change that.

With this perception gap in mind, I’m excited to provide a few updates on the latest in Digital Marketing at Adobe.

First, we are announcing five core solutions within the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Before I introduce the solutions, let me take a minute on the Adobe Marketing Cloud, formerly called the Digital Marketing Suite. The Adobe Marketing Cloud is the foundation of what we are doing in digital marketing and brings together analytics, social, advertising, targeting and web experience management all in one spot. It goes well beyond the offerings of others in the industry, which often focus on a single channel or workflow. We are aligning the creative workflow via the Adobe Creative Cloud and marketing workflow via the Adobe Marketing Cloud in a way that is absolutely unique to Adobe.

We first talked about the combination of the Creative Cloud and the Adobe Marketing Cloud last November at financial conference in New York. Then at this year’s Digital Marketing Summit in March, our progress was even more evident as we shared our vision of the Adobe Marketing Cloud with four thousand of our closest friends, customers and partners**.**

The Adobe Marketing Cloud now includes five core solutions that span our customers’ biggest digital challenges.

Here is a quick look at each of them:

Adobe Social: assists marketers in measuring and managing social marketing across owned, earned and paid media – ensuring the impact of social is attributed correctly for maximum impact.

Adobe Analytics: enables data-driven, multi-channel marketing by combining the power of actionable analytics and audience segmentation with the distributed value of reporting and sharing of key business analysis.

Adobe Target: empowers highly personalized experiences throughout a visitor’s digital experience via dynamic testing; creating better brand experiences and driving higher conversion rates.

Adobe Experience Manager: enables digital marketers to create, manage, and optimize multi-channel customer experiences that build brand and drive demand.

Adobe Media Optimizer: powers data-optimized advertising through best-in-class portfolio and rules-based ad management, intelligent campaign forecasting, and targeted ad delivery solutions.

The Adobe Marketing Cloud tackles today’s marketing challenges, literally transforming the last millisecond of every interaction. Marketers are expected to turn insights into meaningful experiences instantly. The challenge is that this must happen whether it is a search ad, mobile app, social interaction, email, landing page or the entire web site. These five core solutions in the Adobe Marketing Cloud enable us to solve this challenge. Thousands of the best digital marketers around the globe have already standardized on Adobe to this end.

Second, I’m incredibly excited about our “Metrics, Not Myths” campaign that launched today. Our CMO, Ann Lewnes, blogged her thoughts about it – check it out here**. **The campaign will give Adobe’s unique perspective on digital marketing and will help debunk the myths that are holding back the digital marketing industry. What is my measure of success for the campaign? Whether every new customer conversation starts with Photoshop!

At Adobe, we are in a period of massive transformation as we focus on our two large opportunities with the Adobe Marketing Cloud and Creative Cloud. These moves in our Digital Marketing business are the next steps in this journey. As the campaign rolls out and we prepare for the 2013 Digital Marketing Summit in March, more goodness is right around the corner.