The Ultimate Case Study: How we are using Adobe Marketing Cloud for our own marketing

Today we launched our new Digital Marketing campaign. As a campaign lead, I thought it would be interesting to share a behind-the-scenes look at how we measure, optimize and improve our own marketing campaign as it rolls out.

Each week my peers and I will share the campaign results, how we are using Adobe Marketing Cloud and what’s working, as well as what’s not and how we are adjusting to meet our goals.

Let’s start with the campaign goals:

This is a fully integrated campaign intended to raise awareness and demand for Adobe Marketing Cloud. We have established goals for overall awareness, media & social sentiment, social engagement, community growth, web site traffic and conversion.

Here is a quick campaign overview:

The campaign is based on busting the myths of marketing. Why? Marketing overall has a perception problem. A recent Fournaise Marketing Group study reported that 73% of CEOs say that marketers lack business credibility. According to an Adobe study, released today, on The State of Online Advertising, 53% of consumers think most marketing is a bunch of B.S. Well, as marketers, we all know that’s nonsense. Here at Adobe we see the Adobe Marketing Cloud help companies prove the business impact of their marketing investments all the time.

So, we are taking marketing myths head on to dispel them. For more details and background on the campaign, read our CMO’s blog post.

We are weaving the “Metrics, not Myths” theme across all our marketing – from paid and social media to the web site and lead generation. We are also offering opportunities to hear from other leaders in the industry as they discuss the value and future of marketing.


****In fact, join us tomorrow, Oct. 25 9AM PT for a live debate and Twitter chat. Our host, Michael Brito, SVP Edelman Digital and author of Smart Business, along with Jon Vein @MarketShareCo and Olivier Blanchard @thebrandbuilder will discuss how you prove the value of marketing.

See how the campaign performs

As the campaign rolls out, we will look at how social is impacting business results. Learn which marketing vehicles deliver the most business impact. We’ll analyze our ad creative performance. Understand who our most influential community members are and what that really means. We’ll share our search optimization strategies. And, when things are not working we’ll tell you what we are doing to address them.

Just like your CEO wants to see how marketing helps to drive the business, so does ours. Join us and check back to this blog and our web site each week as we share and discuss the campaign’s insights with you.