Utility to Highlight All Occurrences of a Word in a FrameMaker Document

Hello Framers,

In this blog post, I am going to describe “Highlight all occurrences of a word” – a very commonly used text-editing feature, internally developed using FDK (Frame Development Kit) and FrameMaker’s conditional text feature.
This will help for fast visualization of a specific word used throughout the document. Sometimes using FrameMaker’s native Find & Replace utility doesn’t help as one has to do multiple clicks. This can save you the trouble of manually cycling through the document.


Once the client is registered in FrameMaker, it will be available in all documents. Whenever you select any word, all occurrences of that word are highlighted in the document in green.


Technical Details

Here is a small gist of the way the client works (attached here):

I have attached the source code for further details.

NOTE: This utility will work only in FrameMaker 11 because some enhancements made in conditional text feature have been used.

Do try the utility and let us know your valuable feedback!

Anchal Arora, Sr Software Engineer, Adobe FrameMaker Engineering Team