Managing color libraries in FrameMaker

In the color libraries of FrameMaker, colors are defined as

You can read all the details about FM color libraries from here: FrameMaker Color Libraries

To view a color library, go to View > Color > Definitions > Color Libraries > About.

You can add a color Library in the form of .acf or .bcf file by placing the file in “Fminit\Color” folder and then restarting FrameMaker.

Some common concerns answered

How to fix inconsistent color definitions?

Importing various Word documents and then creating a FM file may lead to inclusion of various color definitions in a FM book and then updating it gives you an error message such as inconsistent color definitions. Here is how you should fix the problem:

  1. Open one file and carefully review the color definitions via View > Color > Definitions.
  2. Remove the colors you don’t intend to use and double-check the definitions for those you intend to keep.
  3. Once you determine that you have a clean and accurate color list, save the file and keep it open.
  4. Back in the book window, select all of the files in your book list and choose File > Import > Format to open the Import Formats dialog box.
  5. Import Formats dialog box
  6. Import Formats dialog box
  7. Set Import from Document to the file with the clean color definitions (it has to be open to be available). Deselect All and then reselect Color Definitions before clicking on the Import button.FrameMaker replaces all color definitions in all of the book files with the definitions from the clean file. It also adds color definitions that could be missing from some of the files in the book list.
  8. Update the book.

How to adjust colors using the maker.ini file?

One of these references on the FrameMaker forums give you how to adjust colors in the maker.ini file and get the job done: click here to know more.

Submitted by: Anjali Gupta, Tech Support Associate