Tablet and Mobile Roundup: Compendium of Tech Comm Suite recordings

Tech Comm Suite 4 with RoboHelp 10 and FrameMaker 11 introduced vastly improved capabilities to publish to tablets and mobile devices with the addition of multiscreen HTML5 output. Now, single-source publishing can swiftly address multiple devices on a customized basis based on media query, profiles and more.

AdobeTCS has recently hosted a series of webinars that have focused on these powerful new capabilities. You may have missed some of them. This blog summarizes available, recorded webinars that are especially relevant to this dynamic new way of publishing. Each webinar topic is followed by a link to the recording itself. Note: you will need a free account for log-in credentials to view these recordings (or to attend any upcoming “live” webinars.) The landing page for each webinar will resemble a registration page for an event; don’t let this “throw you,” just enter your credentials and the recording will start.

Session 2) Multichannel, multiscreen publishing workflow using RoboHelp and Tech Comm Suite

This recorded webinar gives you a good basic overview of using RoboHelp and Tech Comm Suite to achieve multiple device (table and mobile) publishing using multiscreen HTML5. Simple, yet powerful sample workflows are used.

The webinar will acquaint with you with the many profiles and layouts that come with RoboHelp 10 and Tech Comm Suite 4 “out-of-the box”, as well as how to check for newly available layouts. You may view this webinar by clicking here.

RoboHelp goes Mobile

In this lively webinar recording, mobile thought leader Neil Perlin presents a highly original, illustrative way to make issues and workflows for mobile publishing obvious. Having worked with some type of mobile devices for over 20 years, Neil shows how our need and expectations have evolved, slowly at first, then at lighting speed with the advent of the iPad.

Tips and tricks on how to effectively use RoboHelp 10 in a mobile publishing output workflow are also shared in a sensible manner. You may view this webinar by clicking here.

Become an eBOOK Publisher for eReaders, Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Devices

Guests John Daigle and Kevin Siegel cover virtually every step necessary to publish via RoboHelp or Tech Comm Suite to ePub, Kindle or multiscreen HTML5 output formats. A published author, Kevin Siegel shows the actual steps he used to recently publish his own technical “how to” books to Amazon Kindle.

In this webinar recording you will learn how to:

You too can become a published author in a short stretch of time by following the simple steps in this webinar. Just click here to view the recording.

Seeking a solution? Give RoboHelp 10 a test drive

You may wish to review the RoboHelp product page, which has a variety of resources, from links to videos, blogs, other White Papers and more. You may also test drive Tech Comm Suite 4 and RoboHelp 10 without download or installation by clicking here, and completing a simple on-line form.