JoAnn Hackos on Predicting DITA cost savings

Our November 19th webinar with Dr. JoAnn Hackos of The Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) covered an insightful strategy in determining how to accurate predict cost savings with DITA. This issue has been a key “bug-a-boo” with many customers, who know that they need to move to DITA, but who need a compelling business case for management “buy in” before they can move on.

You can view the recorded webinar “Adopting DITA to Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity–Backing up your Claims” by clicking here. This blog covers key highlights that you may wish to review before watching the recording.

What you can expect from a move to DITA and topic-based authoring

Dr. Hackos had savings divided into four logical categories. But the following list, pulled from her slides, shows the breadth of areas where dramatic savings are likely to occur when you move to a topic-based authoring solution:

DITA savings with Desktop publishing

Recent research by Dr. Hackos indicated that:

01 DTP slide
DITA can also magnify DTP savings when content is translated into other languages; DTP can add up to 30-50% of translation project costs. A research study revealed an example of $10,000 savings when translating 4 Help Systems into just 5 languages.

Because DITA separates formatting from content (and when properly implemented) can make formatting virtually “bullet proof,” some DITA projects have reduced billable DTP time from months to “0 minutes.” (You will have to view the webinar recording for full details; it’s worth it!)

Importance of a basic content reuse strategy

Standardized copyright, hazard statements can be saved once and “used everywhere.” Topic collections may be repeated in multiple outputs.

The research shared in this webinar included one case study example in which a DITA project had less than 15% new content. Language translation costs were reduced from $50,000 to $1,500.

Complex content reuse strategy

An extract drawn from one of Dr. Hackos’ slides reveals that:

High level cost-reduction strategy

A brief highlight on the 4th level of DITA implementation covers the following:


The more organized and persistent the organization in implementing best practices and putting new processes in place, the greater the return on investment.

It pays to do it right!

Have your own hands-on with structure and decide how you can use it

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