IE 10 fix released for RoboHelp

Dear All,

I am pleased to announce that we have fixed a recently reported issue related to IE 10. The issue description and the solution is described below.


If the end-users access the published help on IE 10 browser, once they navigate back from Index/Search/Glossary to Contents, they were not able to see the content in the right pane. Everything used to work well if the user refreshed the browser or adjusted the width of the TOC pane.


We have provided a solution for the problem which the RoboHelp 10 users can install on their machine. In addition to the fix on RoboHelp 10, we have also provided fixes which users can apply on the published outputs created using either RoboHelp 10 or RoboHelp 9.

The detailed knowledge base article containing instructions for applying the solution can be found here.

I encourage everyone to apply this fix. If you have further question, please write to me.

Update: Please note that when accessing the published output on IE 10, the JavaScript should be enabled for the fix to work fine. For majority of the users it is enabled by default but for some users, the JavaScript might be disabled.

Vikram Verma

Product Manager – RoboHelp & TCS

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