Introducing New Metrics in GeoSegmentation and More

Greetings from (mostly sunny, at least this week) London, where I am helping to prepare for Adobe Summit EMEA 2013, Europe’s digital marketing event of the year. I’ll be at Summit along with many of my colleagues, so please come say hello if you’re there. Meanwhile, back home and elsewhere, we’ve been hard at work on some great new features available in Adobe Analytics this month. In this post, I’d like to introduce you to two of these updates.

All Metrics in GeoSegmentation Reports

A customer’s geography (or a prospect’s geography, or a reader’s geography, etc.) has always been one of the most fundamentally important dimensions to digital marketers. By knowing how your marketing efforts differ in their success geographically, you can run more precisely targeted campaigns and use budget more effectively. And you can make personalized offers or optimize content based on geographical interests.

I’m pleased to announce that all of the GeoSegmentation reports in SiteCatalyst 15 now enable these efforts more effectively by including conversion and visit-based metrics (such as Revenue, Orders, Leads Generated, Total Time Spent, Bounce Rate, etc.). All metrics that are available to you elsewhere in SiteCatalyst 15 are now also included in the Countries, Regions, Cities, U.S. States, and DMA reports automatically. This also means that calculated metrics are available in these reports, so Average Order Value, Time Spent per Visitor, and more.

GeoSegmentation report with conversion metrics

If I were a marketer, I might start by using this data to find the cities or countries where people spend a lot of money with me, then slide right over into Adobe Target to personalize an internal campaign to people from those areas. And at the very least I would want to understand how users from various areas interact differently with my marketing efforts and with my sites/apps, which is much easier using the KPIs that I’ve already identified.

For example, let’s say I found a particular country where people are viewing a lot of products, but they aren’t purchasing. Or I’m getting a lot of visits, but they are bouncing. With conversion metrics in GeoSegmentation reports, I am now just a click or two away from understanding exactly which products (or pages, or campaigns, etc.) are turning them off.

As an added bonus, note that you will have data available to you for these metrics in GeoSegmentation reports going back to the date of your SiteCatalyst 15 upgrade. Much of this functionality has been available in Discover for quite some time, and some of you might have a VISTA rule which puts GeoSegmentation data into an eVar to reproduce this functionality. But now, everyone using SiteCatalyst 15 is empowered with far better insight into geographical dimensions via this greatly expanded list of metrics.

Mobile App Reporting

Last month, I shared with you our new one-click mobile app implementation. This month, we have taken mobile app analytics simplicity one step further by automatically creating a series of mobile app reports, including a great pre-built dashboard, when you enable the aforementioned one-click implementation. These reports use lifecycle metrics that are specific to the mobile app world—metrics like launches, sessions, crashes, and engaged users, making them the perfect place to start analyzing your mobile apps and your users.

If you’re interested in getting these reports, review my blog from last month where I discussed how to enable “push-to-implement” mobile app measurement in Adobe Analytics. The steps are the same, but with this release you get even more out-of-the-box capabilities when you click the button!

But That’s Not All

These releases always include more than I can describe in these blog posts, so check out our release notes often for more details on bug fixes and new features. Additionally, please feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me on Twitter to share any thoughts and feedback on the release, or on anything else related to Adobe Analytics. I’m always pleased to hear from our users.

And look for much, much more across all of Adobe Analytics coming very soon!