#WriteRight 10) FrameMaker & Word: Automatic Caution/Warning with Reference Pages

Many forms of tech doc still require CAUTIONs and WARNINGs, which are delineated by special artwork. Most Word users employ artwork that is copied and pasted to achieve the desired look. FrameMaker 11 offers a powerful feature: Reference Pages which contain one instance of the desired CAUTION artwork that is duplicated many times via paragraph formatting.

Artwork is part of the paragraph format

FrameMaker allows you to assign artwork from the Reference Page to appear above and/or below a paragraph. This is often used for something as simple as double lines or a row of leaves to make a paragraph “look fancy.” However, you can easily create a shadow box with the word “Caution” or “Warning” in it, and then assign that named arwork to appear above a designated paragraph.

Seeing is believing: watch the video!


Tables automatically populated with graphics!

FrameMaker 11 not only has table styles, but the unique ability to “remember” what paragraph style was in the first row of each column when the style was updated. This means that you can place a paragraph style that displays Reference Page artwork in a cell of the first row, update the table style and have that Reference Page artwork appear each time you create a new instance of the table.

The benefits are that (a) all authors using the templates will create an identical side-aligned caution or warning statement and (b) you can modify the artwork on the Reference Page one time and have all instances in all caution tables update simultaneously.

Seeing is believing: watch the video!


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