Adobe Marketing Cloud & SAP HANA platform


Where Marketing and IT Converge

The need for a strong bridge connecting the CMO and CIO’s worlds is a hot topic of conversation these days. There are newly formed initiatives, imperatives, mandates, industry events, research teams and joint councils dedicated to aligning Marketing and IT in the name of customer experience, Big Data and technology implementation. At the core of many of these conversations lies the same thing that is driving smart businesses today – delivering the most personalized experience possible at any time and across any device.

As we speak with some of the most forward-looking organizations – from automotive to banking, travel to retail and even luxury fashion brands – about what is really happening in the IT and Marketing departments of brands immersed in this bridge-building discipline, we hear a recurring theme: you better believe the CIO and the CMO are talking! They are talking regularly and loudly – sometimes it is heated, personal and passionate, but it is a mandate from the CEO and it’s not going to change. Simply put, the need for collaboration between IT and Marketing is critical to furthering today’s digital initiatives, which lie at the core of business success.

What businesses need right now are technologies that enable their teams to break down walls and build bridges between the teams driving marketing and information technology initiatives that impact the bottom line and drive a better customer experience. Today at SAP’s Sapphire Now event, we’ll be showing Adobe and SAP’s joint vision for how to accomplish this via a sneak peek at the power of the Adobe Marketing Cloud integrated with SAP HANA platform data. It’s pretty, it’s powerful and its purpose is to bring together the right people to do the right things to wow the customer and pump up the digital experience to meet the ever-changing expectations of consumers. Tune in to the keynote to see the demo.

Adobe Marketing Cloud powered by SAP HANA platform data

This is killer technology – and if SAP (think real-time data platform experts) and Adobe (think digital marketing leaders) can connect the dots to do this – so can you. With this vision, we will help our customers reimagine consumer engagement across digital and devices. What we show Sapphire attendees today is only the beginning – what we will deliver jointly for our customers will change the way businesses analyze their data, drive conversions, increase revenue and build stronger customer loyalty in the future. Stay tuned!